RIP .NET Reflector (as a free version)

If you still haven't heard about it, here's a bad news: Redgate is about to put an end on the .NET reflector's free version as soon as they release the new version (which will be .NET Reflector 7). This new version seems to be scheduled for late february/early march. Knowing that the free version will only work until May 30, you'll soon have to make a decision: either buy it or stop using it. Well, I guess you could maintain a virtual machine with a freezed date and no internet conectivity at all to avoid connections with redgate servers, but where's the praticality in that?

I've made my decision, it's an easy decision, 35$ is not that much for one of the most important tools I use on a daily basis! Otherwise, I would have to make ildasm my new best friend!
As a developer I understand the importance of getting payed for what you develop and that the comporate side demands return on investment upon the new features being developed. Don't get me wrong, I do like the idea of open source, I just don't think we can apply it everywhere. The fact that the .NET community isn't taking this decision very well isn't much of a surprise for me. We all had the expectation that we'ld never have to pay for it, you may even state that we Redgate led us to believe that, that's what's the fuss is all about!
At the end of the day, what really matters is that we're talking about a fanstastic product that deserves the investment. Also, Redgate states that "Version 7 will be sold as a perpetual license, with no time bomb or forced updates", so that's definitely worth the value. I may even consider buying the pro edition...

What worries me is knowing that there a few companies that will not buy it for their developers! Let's just hope my company buys the necessary licenses asap, so I'm not forced to use my personal license at work!

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l0t3k disse...

$35 is peanuts. Company trust is priceless. In this case RedGate's reputation is pricless, as in 0.

i have not problem paying for tools. I do have a problem with software offered for free, which then becomes unfree on the whim of the company offering it.

jon disse...

-Yes and No-
I'm putting out GrayWolf at www.DigitalbodyGuard.com

Reflector is a critical to in my line of work as well.

I think one of the best uses for this tool is in helping new programmers understand what is going on.....

Reflector has not changed much over the years.
Time for something new.

DEADC0DE disse...

l0t3k: I don't understand the reasoning. If a product is free it HAS to be free forever? It's like the author made a promise to you? I don't get it, $35 is peanuts as you say, and Reflector is great, what's the big deal with paying for it? And it's not that you can't download an older version if you want the free one. They wanted to make new versions and make you pay for it, they can't... Why?