Brand new Reflector alternatives

So, now that our loved free .NET Reflector is about to run out of juice, what alternatives do we have. I've said before that I'm willing to pay for it, but there are many of you out there who are just too much pissed off at Redgate to buy anything from them!
Whose about to step in and take away some of Redgate's future clients? Jetbrains! Yes, the same ones that develop another much loved tool: ReSharper. They're introducing decompiling capabilities in their tool and also promising to release the decompiler as a free standalone tool by the end of the year! Check it out here: http://blogs.jetbrains.com/dotnet/
That got me thinking if it's finally time to buy ReSharper! What about you?

Also, there's another free tool on the horizon: ILSpy

Edit (24/02/2011): It seems another alternative is about to rise on the horizon! If you look at the Telerik's JustCode pre-release blog post (where they provide a special preview of the release highlights for their Q1'2011 release) you can read the following paragraph:
The new decompiling functionality will enable you to recover lost source code and allow you to explore and analyze compiled .NET assemblies. We know a lot of you will welcome this addition as it comes in response to your feedback and recent developments in the industry.

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