SQLite "available" for .NET 4.0

If you're a fan of SQLite and you've already started to use VS2010, you've probably noticed that your ADO.NET provider for SQLite no longer works as it should. It's now throwing an exception when you try to load data.
I've had issues with this as well, and yesterday I went back to the forums to see if a solution had already been found. At first sight, it looked I was out of luck, because no new versions were available for download. However, after a better look in their forum, I've found this thread where an installer was supplied to install the provider in VS2010 Beta 2 and VS2010RC. So here's the quick link for download!

I'm guessing this will only be available for download along with the other versions when it is tested against the final VS2010, however, it seems to be working already, so if you're not developing something critical, I guess it's OK to start using it. If this was the only thing stopping you from using VS2010, you're good to go!

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