Intellitrace not collecting data

If you've been using Visual Studio 2010 you're probably enjoying the fantastic Intellitrace feature. It's truly great and if you don't know it yet, it surely deserves spending some time investigating it.

Recently, IntelliTrace stopped working for one of my pet projects. So instead of showing gathered data it shows the message "IntelliTrace is not collecting data for this debugging session."

Intellitrace is not collecting data for this debugging session
The entire message (shown above) hints that there can be several reasons for this issue. However this message wasn't useful in my situation.
I've discovered that there's at least another situation where IntelliTrace stops working without any apparent reason.
Apparently, you can't have the SQL server debugger enabled. So, if you ever stumble upon this problem, just open the project properties and under the "Debug" tab make sure that the checkbox "Enable SQL Server debugging" is disabled!

SQL Server debugging option that needs to be disabled for IntelliTrace to work

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