Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 RC

Haven't you heard? VS2010 RC is available for public download!

Last night, I've updated my VS2010 Beta2 to VS2010 RC.
It does look faster (but then again, I'm hardly the first to notice or mention this), so maybe I'll switch definitely to VS2010. So far I was using VS2008 for most of the stuff, because it was much faster (running inside a VM).

I'll try it out a bit before a definitive migration. Last night I've only had the time to test diagram generation (sequence diagrams and dependency diagrams) and did a bit of coding to get a better feeling on how the code editor  and the intellisense responds. One of the things I'll be definitely trying is the ADO.NET Entity Framework model designer.

Get yours at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=457bab91-5eb2-4b36-b0f4-d6f34683c62a&displaylang=en

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